Community Food Drives

All locations are in Klamath Falls unless otherwise noted.

Note that end date is the date that barrels are scheduled for pickup by the Food Bank.
TBA means that no specific ending date has been specified.


Location Address End Date
 AmeriTitle, Inc.  300 Klamath Ave
 K-Falls 97601
 Community Corrections  3203 Vandenberg Ave #2
 Klamath Falls 97603
 January 15th
 Dr. Jone Bigby Chiropractic  1900 Main st. Suite D
 Klamath Falls 97601
 January 2nd
 Klamath Algae  631 Commercial  December 21st
 Klamath Public Employees Federal Credit Union  3737 Shasta Way  December 31st
 Parker Mah Klamath Spine, Rehab & Sports Center  2800 Crosby Ave A
 Klamath Falls 97603
 Sanford & Son Second Hand Store  2271 Shasta Way  TBD
 Subaru  2880 Washburn Way  TBD
 Washington Federal  803 Main St. and
 2491 Dahlia St