Food Donation Guidelines

We are happy to accept donations of non-perishable food that are in clean containers with ingredient labels intact. Fresh produce is always welcome. We distribute the freshest, healthiest food possible to our neighbors in need.

The Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank is inspected by the United Sates Department of Agriculture, the Oregon Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, our Insurance Company, Oregon Housing and Community Services and the Oregon Food Bank. These inspections are generally conducted annually and most without prior notification. These inspections are important to the health and safety of those we feed. In most cases they are the most vulnerable within our community.

For years we have gone above the call of duty ensuring every pound of food collected was stored and distributed by the book. We always receive above average to excellent marks from our inspectors.

Post-dated food
We CAN accept expired food products. Cans = up to 1 year past date, Dry Food = up to 6 months past date. Most food codes are to ensure the freshness of food, not its safety. Food that has passed the date stamp is not automatically “bad.”

Baby food/formula
We CAN accept baby food and formula that has not yet reached its expiration date. After the expiration date the nutritive value decreases.

Dented cans
We CAN accept dented cans but cans which have sharp creases, bulges or rust that cannot easily be rubbed off must be discarded. Dents that do not compromise the integrity of the can are okay.

Donations of domestic meat
All domestic meat donations (Cows, hogs, etc.) must be processed in a USDA-certified facility. Currently there are no USDA processing plants for local individuals to take their animals. If you would like to arrange the donation of an animal, please contact the Food Bank for instructions. Masami Foods has a USDA Inspector on staff and does work with us to inspect our meat donations as they come in. Oregon Department of Agriculture will not allow the Food Bank or any other entity which serves the end user (customer, client, etc.) to accept donations of meat stored in a home freezer. SORRY.

Personal egg donations
Unfortunately, Oregon Department of Agriculture will not allow us, or any other entity which serves the end user (customer, client, etc.)to accept eggs not processed in a licensed facility.

Dairy products
Please call for questions about dairy products (541) 882-1223.

We are UNABLE to accept unlabeled food, or any food packages that do not list every ingredient.

Homemade items
We are UNABLE to accept food that has been canned or preserved at home. We can only distribute food that has been processed by a commercial kitchen or company.

Donations of wild game
We are UNABLE to accept home-processed wild game. Game that has been processed in a state licensed facility may be accepted as a donation and distributed to clients. The Wildlife Transfer Record form should be used to track donations of wild game.

Thank you so much for thinking of the food bank and understanding these guidelines that keep the food bank, our donors and most importantly, those we serve, safe and healthy.

Please give us a call with any questions, (541) 882-1223.

Click here for printable PDF version of Food Donation Guidelines.